secure email does not work

I tried to download the cert and it said it was downloaded but apart from that nothing has happened I can’t find it anywhere in my computer and it is nowhere to be seen in thunderbird and I could not save the cert as no option was given to save it nor was no cert shown on the screen so should I download it again or what? Help is needed on the download page it said ERROR 0x80092004

I encounter the similar problem. My first application submitted via firefox browser via gmail and click the link provided in the email received and within a few seconds alert window popup with message “Personal certificate has been installed. You should keep a backup copy of this certificate” while main window was in step 2 attempting to collect and install your free certificate…

I make another attempt by submitted 2nd application via IE7 browser and a pop3 email address. Click the link from email received and firefox browser opened a new tab and while attempting to collect and install, a pop up window with message: The personal certificate can’t be installed because you don not own the corresponding private key which was created when the certificate was requested.

So, now I’m confused which is the problem that cause unsuccessful of downloading the certificate…


Hi Guys,

It sounds very much like you both are having problems with the Comodo FREE e-mail certificate sign-up web pages and not Comodo SecureEmail software.

Are you both having problems signing up for e-mail certificates from the Comodo website? I’m pretty sure you have to use Internet Explorer for the sign-up pages from the Comodo website.

The forum area for e-mail digital certificates is here:

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