Secure DNS Servers

Hello, I’m looking for the top 4 or 5 DNS servers in terms of security. By this I mean that if you use only this DNS server to prevent malware from being downloaded how safe would you be. Parental filtering doesn’t come into play.

The only ones I know of are Comodo Secure DNS, ClearCloud DNS, Norton DNS, and Open DNS.

How good are these and are there others that should be considered. Also, which would you rate as best and so on.


ClearCloud DNS is the best, next comes Norton and Comodo’s comes last; this judgement comes from seeing reviews. I don’t know how Open DNS is


Open DNS, DNS Advantage, Comodo Secure DNS, Google Public DNS, Clear Cloud DNS, Norton DNS

These are all the ones I’m aware of. From what I’ve heard it appears Clear Cloud may be the best with Norton also very good.

Can you help me out with the rest or let me know if there are any other contenders?

members here need to vote more

Has it been tested and how does it compare to the others? I’m going to update the DNS advice here and so I need to determine the best 4 or 5 free services available.


Norton DNS is way better than clear cloud as of right now. That could change as improvments might come to clearcloud or comodo’s secure DNS.

So I think I’m going to say that either ClearCloud or Norton is best (can we get some consensus about which is better ???) and then I’ll also mention Comodo Secure DNS as currently being subpar.

I suppose listing 3 possibilities is good.

attached is a test I did among the top DNS servers. It is a little old but it gives you an idea.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Would you more or less agree with the advice I give here or should I provide more alternatives? Also I’m also factoring in how well they do at blocking malicious downloads which wasn’t in languy99’s test.

By the way I’m still going to add more explanation to the article so just focus on the main idea. I just inherited the article a few days ago so it’ll take a while for me to get it into good working order.