Secure DNS redirect even though it is not installed?

Well this computer is 18 months old and i’ve had CIS on it the whole time.

I did not choose to use Comodo Secure DNS but as of today whenever I go to the flash game i’ve been playing the last year I get redirected to the following

This is only if I use Comodo Ice Dragon, other browsers do not redirect.

I looked at how to uninstall Secure DNS and everywhere says the same thing, go to the Adapter settings and then IP and set the DNS to auto. It was already on auto so I changed it to the DNS server IP addresses that my ISP says to use and I still get redirected to this Secure DNS warning everytime I go to the game in Ice Dragon.

I have looked at the settings in Ice Dragon to see if it was changing the IP just for Ice Dragon but the connection settings is set to no proxy and I can not find anywhere else where an IP is located.

Why am I now after 18 months getting Secure DNS redirects in Ice Dragon even though I did not install Secure DNS and how do I stop it? I tried uninstalling and reinstalling (as I like Ice Dragon) but I still get redirected.

Please make sure to disable Enable malware domain filtering (Comodo Secure DNS) in IceDragon.