Secure DNS - How to unblock site??? Or at least report it as safe


Is there some easy way to unblock a site that is (wrongly) blocked by SecureDNS or at least

Clicking on “Disregard the warning” does sometimes not do the trick and simply not connect to the site.

I had to completely de-install SecureDNS just to go to see this website:, a simple TV program site for Italian TV. I looked at the source code and there is absolutely nothing dangerous there (apart from annoying banners)

The warning tells me that “several users have reported this site as unsafe”.

I have no idea how these “several users” have done that!!! They must know much more than I do!

I would love to report this site as SAFE, but so far I have not found any possibility to do so.

  • Why is there no button on the warning site to report such a falsely blocked sites (i.e. to submit it to review of Comodo)?

  • Why is there no other reporting tool within CIS to signal wrongly blocked website?

  • Why is there absolutely no explanation on any other Comodo site I looked at to explain how to report a wrongly blocked site?

  • Why is there no sticky thread on this forum explaining what to do when encountering this problem?

I may be wrong, but I am pretty sure that I am not the only one that has run into this problem. So I and maybe some others would greatly appreciate a helping hand in this matter.

Thanks a lot

IMO there sould be something like this:

but for websites, where you can report malicious webites/ blocked safe websites.

If you find a blocked site, that you don’t believe should be, currently the best approach is to create a post here and report it.

Even better there should be an option to report it as safe and add it to some sort of personal exclusion list for yourself.

Yep, but i would also report malicious websites >:-D

That would be a good option as well for sites that are malicious but not blocked. However, that would probably best be accomplished by having some sort of optional toolbar (or something out of the way). At least I don’t see an easier way.

Unless of course you were just talking about confirming that sites are malicious that are already blocked. That’s a good idea as well.;msg486564#new

From some sources i know, that SI will be as a toolbar/tool whatever :wink:
Maybe we will report malicious sites through SI.

Thanks for your replies. That at least shows me that I am not a complete moron… :wink:

Good to see that this is on some wish-list or in development


I made a post for this in the correct topic and sticked it. You can find it here.

I’ll also change the link in my first post.

Please report the site there. Thanks.

I think an option to report a false positive from the warning/block page like Clear Cloud DNS has would be nice and/or an option to ignore a warning/block page and/or a website submission forum and/or e-mail and/or ab area in CIS and/or a clear independent forum category for it; also a little bit more information on Comodo DNS should be added to the website such as the privacy policy, in my opinion.

I look forward to seeing one or more of these things, keep up the good work.

I posted in that list of safe sites, but thought I’d mention it here too. I’m trying to get to, a church rosering website. It’s fine on three of the four computers that I’ve installed Comodo on, but on one computer I get the same result as the OP. Why only on one computer, and if my computer’s the problem, how can I fix it? I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling comodo but no luck.

So essentially what Comodo Internet Security is saying is that your company believes that users are too stupid to use the Internet…

How dare your company tell me where I (a 35 year old geek goddess who cut her baby geekess teeth on Win95) can go or not go? And how dare your company not tell people how to turn the setting off. Took me all of two minutes at most.

Though your company should have a bypass button to turn off your poorly rated website monitoring system within the GUI when a site is blocked…

For those who don’t know how to turn off this annoying and … rude … function, simply right-click on the Comodo icon by your system clock. Go to Defense + Security Level and click ‘disable’.

Now since this company isn’t kind enough to tell us stupid users exactly what Defense + Security is (including in the help file), I can’t rightly tell you exactly what you’re turning off. If it bothers you, turn it off long enough to do your business at the website in question and turn it back on.

Or better yet, find a different program all together. And let CNet know why, while you’re at it.

Comodo, unblock – it’s a free image site that allows both adult and mundane images. I have an adult-based photo album depicting my alternative lifestyle. If that bothers you, well… It really isn’t my problem. You won’t be my AV/Firewall tomorrow.

Sad too, I was going to purchase the full service next month, if there were no major problems. This is a major problem. And no, I am not going to another forum just to tell your company this part of your program is in poor taste because any idiot can report a website for any abuse they feel like it----since your company obviously doesn’t verify.

At least have the courtesy of verifying something before you block it… What are you, YouTube as run by the RIAA?


Please disregard this advice, CIS’s Defense+ module has nothing do to with Comodo’s Secure DNS service or the blocking of web sites.


Welcome to the forums, sorry it’s under such circumstances.

I suspect you’re encountering problems with Comodo’s Secure DNS service (optional with CIS, although installed by default). If you don’t want to use Comodo’s DNS service, then please use any DNS service that you wish. Alternatively Report Blocked Sites You Believe Are Safe Here.

Explanation of Defense+: Defense+ Tasks - Introduction - URL included with installation (see Help under the More tab in CIS).

Since this is an old topic, I’m locking it. If you still have any problems/feedback then please start a new topic. Thanks.