Second email account not receiving

I recently installed Comodo Anti-Spam. I have 2 email accounts setup in Outlook, and after the install all the various parts of Comodo show both email accounts. Unfortunately when I go to receive emails - the messages sent to my second email account never make it through to Outlook. If I turn off Comodo, then the emails from my 2nd email account are delivered to Outlook.

Has anyone else experienced the same problem? Is there any thing I can do to resolve this?

I had the same problem. Only one of my accounts was get email, even into the Comodo Quarantine. I use Thunderbird for my email client and when ever I checked my mail it just said that I had no mail waiting.

I shutdown comodo and thunderbird and then restarted then and now I can get my mail, but comodo antispam isn’t doing anything at all now. Everything is going right to thunderbird.


Reason: Out-Dated post.