Second certificate for second address

About three weeks ago, I generated a certificate for one of my email addresses. This, as far as I can see works fine. I have accordingly now generated a second code for my second address. I received all the relevant emails and all the system messages tell me that the certificate has been sent and has been installed. However, I cannot find it anywhere on my computer in order to install it in Outlook.

For the original one, I backed it up from IE, as I wished to install it on both my PCs, and found that the exported file was the simplest thing to use to install in Outlook. However, I cannot repeat the process this time as I cannot find the certificate to export.

Any ideas?

Can I take it that none of the 63 people who have read this post since I put it up actually know where certificates are found on a Windows computer?


Try this:

If the certificate is not listed, as in step 2 then you’ll need to contact Comodo support to ask them to revoke the certificate issued for the email address you’re having problems with… Once they have done that you will need to go through the application and collection process again.

Contact support by submitting a ticket: Comodo - Powered by Kayako Help Desk Software?

Also, if you have any other issues with email certificates it’s worth checking the knowledge base from the same link above.