Searched...can't get rid of CPF

Hi all, my son went to uninstall CPF, he did. He had older version w\launch pad, don’t know why, he was supposed to have updated. Either way, I told him to download the new version, he did. I tried to install for him but it keeps telling me an older version is already installed? Now, I went through my whole registry and knocked out anything Comodo related or so I believe. I then re-downloaded the firewall, can’t install. Same message. An older version of CPF is installed, please go to control pannel, add remove programs. Well there is no CPF on the computer save for the new install file. I did search the forums, honestly and didn’t find anything directly related to this. I can’t reinstall CPF or CAV. Since I have done all but re-format, if there is a key or something to delete, please let me know.



if there is a key or something to delete, please let me know.

Yes there is… but i won’t tell you… ;D
No, J/K :wink:
Sorry, but i don’t have a clue. ???

You probably has done this, but i’ll ask anyway. ::slight_smile:
Have you tried to install the old version again, and just update it? (or was it a beta?)
Windows System restore?
“C:\Documents and Settings\YourName\Application Data\Comodo\PersonalFirewall”

“C:\Program\Trustix\Common\Licenses\Personal Firewall”

“C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Comodo\Personal Firewall”

You said you deleted everything with Comodo. Did you do the same with Trustix?
I don’t really have a clue about this, but i’m trying to help anyway. ;D

Hello Mr. A, yep did all that. Version? couldn’t tell you. I thought the brainless one had updated already. He uninstalled\tried to so I have no idea. I am hitting the safe mode today. If that doesn’t work, I will have to reinstall the whole OS it looks like as it’s like a phantom on the machine.


I thought the brainless one had updated already.


You should have this program… I use it, and it rocks! (:KWL)

A quote… too late for you but…

...illustrates how BackOnTrack can be useful when other users have modified your system. Of course, you could just have uninstalled the application. However, some applications, such as anti-virus software, are notoriously difficult to remove entirely. With BackOnTrack, there will not be a trace. Furthermore, changes to system settings may be subtle, and some applications, especially viruses and other malware, may be virtually invisible. Restoring with BackOnTrack will reset all such changes...
Maybe Comodo could make a free program like this? ;D

Thanks for the “too late for me” info, nothing like shooting down a person’s hopes here, lollll. :smiley: Anyway, I am going to try in safe mode and will reply back. Thanks for the useless suggestion, as soon as I get my time machine going, i’ll stop back and try it, lolll. :smiley: <kidding of course, it’s appreciated.


Thanks for the "too late for me" info

You’re welcome! ;D
Good luck!


I certainly hope you son doesn’t read these If he does you best fire up that time machine.

LOL, or put HIM in it. :wink: I call him the brainless one because he’s 14 and the blood is no longer flowing to the appropriate places leaving his brain dry. I tried in safe mode, won’t let me delete any comodo registry keys, can’t install, still says it’s there, he doesn’t want me to do a fresh install so right now he has no anti virus or firewall, I can’t install CAV either. This is perplexing and getting to me a bit now. (:AGY)

Deep breath…

Ok, anyway, any other ideas?



This is so bizarre comicfan! The only thing I can suggest is try the trial version of JV16 Power Tools here It is a very powerful registry cleaning tool that may find entries you missed. Just be careful what you choose for deletion. However, this app tends to find some of the most obscure enetries relatede to particular apps that a normal search may miss. Hopefully this works for you.

One other very handy - and free - little app I would recommend trying is Autoruns from here: (just scroll towards the bottom of the page for the d/load) It will display every conceivable autostart component in your system, including registry entries. You never know, there might be something Comodo-related launching at system boot, causing the grief you are encountering.

Hope this works!

Thanks crptech, will give it a go tomorrow, i’ll let you know!


Hope all works out for you comicfan. If you are using Win XP and you have System Restore enabled, you could try restoring to a point just before the install.

Aloha, a new scenario…

Oh , that was the first thing I tried, with no surprise it said could not complete, some program prevented it, uh, yeah, CAV CAS. This is what’s holding onto the CPF. I did find ALL registry files and they won’t let me delete them. See, he had CAV, it crashed the PC, so I uninstalled, “or so I thought” and have been waiting for a new version. His CPF update didn’t work he just told me, that’s why he uninstalled it, and downloaded or something like that. I don’t even know any more, lol. Anywho, I can’t for the life of me, get rid of CAV\CAS, I will try the program you suggested but I think the 30 day eval doesn’t include much but searching. So, I am thinking a reinstall of the whole OS. I just hope I don’t have to go through the registration again, it hasn’t been 6 months since last install and I can’t stand sitting on the phone reading off 50 digit numbers. I did try in safe mode, same thing, I am being denied as to deletion.
Comodo, you have some very stubborn reg keys!! lolll.
This may bode well against attacks, don’t know. Either way, i’ll try a couple of options and if not, it’s re-install time. I think Rick47 had the same issue, or someone like that. Anyway, thanks for the help. :wink:


This may be a dumb question, but did you try Paulo’s CAVS uninstall tool in this thread?,887.0.html

HOLY HANNAH! I never saw this, and I searched all over ! Well, i’ll be trying it later for sure, thanks Marc, hey, that’s two I owe you now. Um, want Gene simmon’s eyes to glow as animated gif? loll.



Glad I could help, The eye glow thing does sound nice. Sorry I didn’t see this thread before but I’ve been fighting a case of the flu.

I’ll work on a better one but here…

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Did it work out for you Paul?
I use a really nice free program, called Unlocker. Just right-click a file and “unlock” it, and then you can delete it. I don’t know if it works on your files, but it’s worth trying. It’s free… (:NRD)
It can be useful in other occasions aswell. Like “this file can’t be deleted because it’s in use by a program” or something like that.

Thanks Paul.