Search/sort features forthe rulesets

{This wishlist arose from this thread: }

Sometimes it happens that i have allowed a particular rule for an application and also ticked ‘remember my decision’ e.g. allowing it to access internet. However, later i wish for some reason to modify the rule. I open Defense+ Task > ‘Advanced’ panel > Computer Security policy >… then scroll down till i find the particular application, and ‘remove’ its rule set (find it more convenient than editing individual rules for it).

It was ok in the beginning, but now as the number of rule sets has grown, its a tedious job finding a particular application’s rule set.

Wouldn’t it be worthwhile to add advanced search/sort features to the rule sets. A few features that i can think of (dunno how difficult it may be to incorporate them :slight_smile: )

  • Clicking ‘Application’ directly opens a text box rather than ctrl+F OR clicking it sorts the rule sets by application path, alphabetically
  • Similarly, clicking ‘Treat as’ sorts by type of policy
    -Adding a column ‘Date created’ so that the rule sets can be sorted by the date they were created.

Sorting the list wouldn’t be a good idea, 'cause the rule for an application, first triggered in the list, would be used.

A better and easy to use Search option would be a great idea. Now you have to know, in which path the application is allocated. If there would be a search option, with which you can search only for the exe name would be a great advantage.