Search in Google Chrome re-directed to Comodo page

Since installing COMODO Premium (on Win7), sometimes when I search Google through Chrome’s url/search box, the search is automatically re-directed to a Comodo Search page.

Example: search term “” redirected to

  1. Why? and in what conditions does this happen?
  2. How can I control this seemingly un-announced, un-documented and definitely un-agreed-to behaviour?


You just have the Comodo DNS installed. This site is not working so it will redirect you to your ‘original’ DNS. That’s all. Comodo DNS was “optional” in the CIS setup/install.

Check your IPv4 DNS address 88)

Worked, Thanks! :slight_smile:

To be exact, I now seem to remember I actually changed the DNS address manually myself, following recommendation and instructions during the COMODO setup process.