Search Engine Issues

Two days ago Dec 02 2019 I was trying to use my google search engine and instead it has been using yahoo. I even went to to type in my search and it searches in yahoo instead. This is super annoying since google pulls up the pages I need right away at the top and yahoo does not. I rather use Ice Dragon but if this continues I’ll have to switch to chrome. If anyone has any ideas I am open to them.

I have went into the options and made sure google is my default search engine.

open options > search > default seach engine and select google or other engine (see image)

I have already checked that and re-selected google as my primary search engine. When I even go to the google home page and type a search on their page it the search result is yahoo not google. That is why I am so confused what is happening. Thank you for your post.

Hello, paconnerley. Could you please provide some images with the search engine settings and also with a search on to see the exact context? Also, make sure you don’t have an extension installed by some web-sites that makes all your searches on Yahoo. Send an image with all the extensions installed please.

Thank you!

ill tell you this…if ice dragon got its issues sorted out , in which there are many , it would overtake chrome by far, in speed and reliability, i hate chrome but CID is making it so hard it seems to be an impossible task to do, theyve updated the security somehow that stops you going to sites youve been in for years prior …why , you tell me ???