Search bar or filter in Computer/Network Security Policy

It would be useful to have a search bar or a filter in the sections Computer Security Policy and Network Security Policy so when you write the application’s name it filters the results…

A bit like the search bar of start menu in Windows Vista and Windows 7 …

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That would be very useful. I have a loooong list of items and it can be cumbersome when I need to find something.

To append the idea… it would be useful to be able to sort by:
usage, alphabetically and date added.

Agreed, that would help a lot…


+1 for search & sort

this would help. it’d be great if I could auto sort it so I could have a list of all the apps I set to “outgoing” or “custom” or “blocked” or “trusted” so I could check all of these quickly. and of course being able to select a bunch at once and set them all to a certain preset. the policies window is such a vital part for advanced users it could really use a bit more user friendliness.

it’d be even better if I could add certain apps to various catagories and have tabs of various apps. for example, one for games, one for browsers, one for apps of all kinds, one for system apps and so on. the list really gets HUGE quickly!


+1 Please… Search on EXE name not path…