search and FAQs have yielded no ans

A search and reading through the FAQs have yielded no help.
With every new start of my computer Comodo firewall pops up a box with the following malware warning:

NAME: TrojWare.Win32.Injector.AUJ[at]1

LOCATION: C:\users\owner\appdata\local\kjrseqds.exe

When I click on “clean” I am told it cannot completely remove the malware and asks if I want “live PC support.”
Repeated tries to get live help are unable to connect.
SPYBOT SEARCH AND DESTROY, THREAT FIRE, AVAST ANTI-VIRUS, and WIN DEFENDER do not seem to be able to remove, aven after full scans yielding a clean PC.

I have gone to the location mentioned above, but find nothing remotely similar. Is this something new or possibly a known false positive? I’d like to stop seeing it.



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