Script Blockers

How do you completely uninstall No Script and Request Policy?

They’re supposed to be uninstalled after clicking on “Remove” in the “Add-ons” section, but they’re not.

I am receiving errors that I need to have Javascript installed (even though it is, and is activated), blocking access to certain sites.

I’ve also found that I can no longer enlarge Youtube videos’ window, unless I’m in IceDragon Safe Mode.

Reading up on this, as suspected, the cause is Extensions not completely uninstalled, but I can’t find whereabouts on my computer to remove the remaining files relating to the above programs.

I have already copied Heffe’s invaluable recommended scripts, who doesn’t use No Script, as a deterrent.

While the concept of No Script and Request Policy are very useful, I have to reinstall them to gain access to features that worked fine prior to installing them, but even then, while their reinstallations re-allow some blocked access (which only work when they’re installed), they stilll do some blocking, even when active.

Out of the add-ons I’ve uninstalled to date, these are the only ones which continue to obstruct, even after being removed.

Fortunately, I’ve never had any issues after removing addons, but it can happen. Unfortunately, cleaning up when something goes wrong during removal, is not terribly straight forward. The primary location for addon data is a file if your profile called prefs.js. It is possible to edit this and remove the leftover entries but unless you know what you’re doing, I’d advise against it. There are also some addons the purport to do this automatically. Personally, I’d stay clear.

As I recall, you only had a few extensions to begin with, so it would be better if you simply create a new profile and reinstall they addons you want. To do this:

  1. Select the App Button
  2. select Help/Troubleshooting Information
  3. Select Reset IceDragon

This will try to preserve your passwords and bookmarks but it’s probably a good idea to make backups first.

I’ve never manually edited prefs.js and removed leftover entries, so I’ll play safe and opt for your safest option recommendation. In light of two Script programs obstructing some sections of web sites while uninstalled and still blocking some, even while reinstalled, I’d probably be best not installing the Caffeine Security Secure Firefox, in case it runs into the same problems.

As my Do Not Track Me constantly updates how many sites I have blocked, will resetting IceDragon delete the Settings (as well the add-ons that you’ve said are removed)?

Are there any other changes made upon resetting IceDragon?

At least in the case of No Script, even after thinking I’d uninstalled it originally, upon reinstalling it, I was surprised (at the time), but not now, as it’s a stubborn program to delete, to find that it had remembered the additional Whitelist settings that I had personally added, whereas when I uninstalled Firefox, it offered me the option to uninstall the program but retain settings. As I now use just IceDragon, I asked Firefox to remove all settings, since fully deleted by Revo Uninstaller Pro (free trial version) which has safely deleted all remaining traces of Firefox without any repercussions (Revo automatically does a complete registry back-up). I also found that at least the Revo Pro version even Installs programs, presumably better than the standard Windows version, but I’m not sure, as I’ve not yet used it.

However, presumably as No Script and Request Policy are not in the standard “Programs and Features” Vista menu, there is no listing on Revo’s list of potential uninstallable programs of these particular programs.

I don’t know if there’s a backup/export facility in DoNotTrackMe, however, it creates three files in your profile folder, which you can probably copy and then put back after you’ve reset the profile.

You might want to read - Reset Firefox – easily fix most problems

Unfortunately, when using addons made for firefox, there’s no guarantee they’ll behave exactly the same way in third-party versions of the browser.

Between my reply and your latest reply, I’ve e-mailed Abine who make Do Not Track Me to ask them about the statistics, if a browser reset loses or retains the settings. Although not essential, I find it very useful to see how many sites DNT blocks.

I’ll do a back-up prior to resetting IceDragon and follow the instructions you’ve given me here, from the link and whatever advice Abine give me so that, all going well, everything will be corrected without unwanted changes after completing the instructions.

I’ve installed various add-ons to date, uninstalling some, but No Script and Request Policy are the only ones that have ever caused any problems. While they have their uses, it’s very poor how they don’t uninstall properly.

I’ve tested the affected web site links, one of them Youtube’s Large Screen option, and found that the Script blockers don’t block anything while in IceDragon Safe Mode, but the moment I resume to standard mode, the fault is resumed.

I also uninstalled both Script blockers in IceDragon Safe Mode. Again, the problem is resurrected in standard mode.

I’ve been recently advised to perhaps uninstall IceDragon altogether after removing all add-ons, only as a last resort.

However, it looks like Do Not Track Me’s statistics will end up being reset upon uninstalling, but this is a small price to pay if it means being able to use my browser without over-zealous script blocking, even when extensions are uninstalled.

Can you remember the link you or one of the others posted here a few days ago? I’ve tried to locate it, but I’m 99% sure it expressed how to back up Extensions. It was some kind of downloadable tool.

None of the extensions are going to be blocking anything in safe mode, because that’s the idea behind safe mode. Extensions aren’t loaded.

I feel it’s very likely that you have something else going on here.

Disable all of your extensions. This should be the same as safe mode. Then from there, enable your extensions one by one until you find what is actually causing the issue. (I’m suspecting interference from another extension)


Who advised to uninstall? That’s always the last resort. Have you tried a new profile as Radaghast suggested?

I agree with HeffeD. The fact that you had problems removing Noscript and Requestpolicy is indicative of some other problem. Also, because Mozilla based browsers keep their profiles and application binaries in separate locations, when problems do occur, creating a new profile (using reset) is usually all that’s required.

For interest, if you use Adblock Plus with Fanboy Ultimate List you don’t need applications like DoNotTrackMe or Ghostery etc., you simply won’t get the the pretty statistics but you also won’t have the overhead

I’m new to sifting through extensions one by one to find the source of the problem so followed instructions from independent sites regarding disabling extensions in safe mode. This was suggested to determine if there were differences between safe and standard mode, and there are.

I first disabled all extensions, this time in standard mode, working my way through each one. Surprisingly, the main Adblock Plus program was blocking Youtube’s Large window facility and access to GMX. I had to regain access to log into GMX by means of disabling GMX on that page.

Also, for some unexplicable reason, the main Adblock Plus, Download Helper and Greasemonkey icons were not displayed, as I didn’t remove them, which were all originally displayed while No Script and Request Policy were installed.

Upon looking up further information, I found out that these icons are located in the “Options” - “Toolbar Layout” - “Customize Toolbar” menu where I dragged them onto the screen in locations of my choice.

However, the only one I can’t find is Do Not Track Me.

I have to go into Ice Dragon then click on “Add Ons” - “Do Not Track Me” - “Options” to now see Do Not Track Me’s window and statistics. I don’t understand why there is no icon for this for instant access, which was there before I installed and since I’ve deleted the two Script programs.

It looks like there must be some overlaps between No Script, Request Policy and Adblock Plus, due to the former two being the most restrictive while the latter required me to disable ad blocking for GMX. Initially, adverts were still displaying as I was able to log in, but by disabling just the main link, I’ve since been able to log in, but without the adverts.

In Adblock Plus, two filters list:


Highlighting over the above links copied and pasted from your update on the Comodo forum, it says “This filter is either a regular expression or too short to be optimized. Too many of these filters might slow down your browsing.”

Previously, I didn’t have to set a “Disable” filter in Adblock Plus for GMX, which must be necessary if not using either or both of the two Script programs, which would require me to “Allow” or “Temporarily allow” different programs.

Hoping I don’t have to delete all my extensions, or as a very last resort, uninstall then reinstall Ice Dragon, why is the Adblock Plus icon no longer displaying on the screen, unless I click on “Add Ons” - “Do Not Track Me” - “Options”?, and

Why were all the others in the “Customize” menu, which were previously on display?, as I didn’t remove any of them.

Another moderator advised me to uninstall my browser, but I stress, we both agreed purely only as a very last resort if all else failed.

If it’s still necessary, I’ll try Radaghast’s recommendation of creating a new profile, if the Do Not Track Me icon can’t be restored.

As all these icons disappeared after uninstalling the two script programs, they must have had some scripts which displayed the icons, hence their disappearance, but how to retrieve the Do Not Track Me icon remains a mystery at present.

I now agree, having gone through each extension one by one.

I feel sure that the removal of No Script and Request Policy, while perhaps not leaving traces behind as I first thought, have unintentionally created a new problem - upon their deletions, the displayed icons disappeared off the screen and all but one ended up in the “Customize” menu. From there, I came across all but Do Not Track Me.

For some reason, while I can still access Do Not Track Me, I can’t find a trace of an icon anywhere to place it back on the toolbar.

I’ve manually placed ABP on the bottom left and the others on the top right, but I want to restore Do Not Track Me’s icon so it’s displayed again.

If a reset is still necessary, I’ll do this, but I want to exhaust other options first. Removing the two script programs meant a slight amendment in Adblock Plus to unblock two functions (previously not required in ABP when I had the two script programs), but all that remains now is for the return of the Do Not Track Me icon, which is no longer displayed on the screen and can only be accessed by going through a few menus manually for some reason.

Upon reading the option to have EasyList or Fanboy Ultimate List, I had a think through and removed the latter.

Removing one extension should have no effect on the toolbar icons of another. I seriously suggest you reset the profile and start again, as there are obvious problems with the current profile. With regard to the filters, I only suggested the ultimate list as a replacement to DNTM and hence one less extension to worry about.

If you have both of these filters in ABP, one of them is redundant. They are the same filter, but one is allowing third party scripts on YouTube.

Please be aware that this filter will block all externally hosted scripts. (Basically, like NoScript, but instead of blocking all scripts, it’s only blocking external scripts) As such, this filter is likely why you feel that NoScript and RequestPolicy are still installed. If a site relies heavily on external scripts, this filter can break site functionality. This is where the domain exception applies.

And yes, a lot of filters as short as this one could slow your browsing.

Logically, I agree this shouldn’t happen, but it seems very strange how, prior to installing No Script and more recently Request Policy (the most recent extension I added) that ongoing technical faults occur.

Also, there is clearly a fault with these programs, as prior to uninstalling No Script, it gave me the option to retain settings or remove all settings. I opted for the latter, yet when I reinstalled it, it had remembered all the settings that it was supposed to remove. Prior to uninstalling Request Policy, it wouldn’t allow me to delete any Whitelist settings, which defeats the purpose of the object to allow the user to change settings if required.

Another user at this link also found how to restore ABP’s icon:

However, while not manually adjusting any settings in the Extensions directory, I found that, despite uninstalling No Script and Request Policy, there is a folder which includes subfolders for Adblock Plus, Bookmark Backups, Extensions, GM_Scripts (empty), Request Policy (empty) and Webapps, but no folder for No Script.

There are also several individual files including Adblockplus-rules.json, for DNTP, Extensions, prefs.js and a No Script database file - “NoScriptSTS.db”.

It looks like resetting the profile is the only option I have left, having hoped this could be avoided, and that, if this still doesn’t resolve the problem (as I’m not sure how this would clear the files in the above directory), I will have to completely uninstall then reinstall Ice Dragon and extensions, thankfully not many.

When you explained that there is an overlap between Easylist and Fanboy, I chose at random to delete one and removed Fanboy. At that stage, I didn’t know that Fanboy’s list used to be very slow, at least at one time. I’m very happy to have either of the above filters and understand where you’re coming from, but I’ve got used to Do Not Track Me since January, which I’ve found most invaluable in blocking out undesirable services, so don’t really want to lose it, or at least only lose it temporarily if a browser reset is the only safe option.

Request Policy serves no purpose with an empty folder, so I’ve since deleted it.

The reverse has happened since yesterday. Upon reinstalling and finally uninstalling both Script programs, the Youtube small window now no longer works. That’s less important, but I don’t feel that No Script and Request Policy are still installed. They are still installed. I checked the directory and components of them are still there, although I’ve since removed the empty Request Policy folder.

“themes/light” is currently unticked to block out GMX ads, but access to logging into GMX has now got blocked again.

I’ve removed one of those two filters, just retaining the Youtube one.

Prior to installing then uninstalling No Script and Request Policy, I had no problems about anything getting blocked, other than just one issue, easily remedied where I can block or unblock “Google +” in Do Not Track Me for when using Legsandcoblogspot’s search bar.

I prefer keeping filters to a minimum, as I respect how they can slow down browsing, but since uninstalling the two Script blockers, I have had to restore and add back onto my screen the automatically removed extension icons from the “Customize” menu (other than Do Not Track Me, which is nowhere to be seen on my screen for some reason) to be able to access the icons again and also to to add new filters that were previously managed by the Script programs to regain access to a couple of web site sections/facilities which were otherwise blocked.

Reseting the profile creates a new profile folder and makes a copy of the old one on your desktop. Have you tried this yet? Also, as I mentioned earlier, you are using a third-party version of firefox. As such, there’s no way to guarantee any extension will work as it should.

I have since reset IceDragon which has automatically cleared all traces of No Script and Request Policy and reinstalled the five extensions that always worked prior to installing those two Script blocker programs. The Bookmarks have been retained and I tweaked a small number of browser settings.

“Enable malware domain filtering (Comodo DNS)” was ticked. Does this work only if Comodo’s DNS servers are specifically set up?

What’s the difference between Abine’s “Do Not Track Me” and “Privacy Suite” programs?

Upon checks from two search facilities, to date, my local ISP remains the fastest and nearest, so I’ll stick with this one unless things change in the future.

Whatever the cause(s) of No Script and Request Policy corrupting Adblock Plus, they were definitely the sources of the persistent faults. The former was supposed to remove all protection (but in reality, it left all protection intact) while the latter was supposed to allow me to add and/or remove web site filters in its own Whitelist, but had a bug continuously blocked me from doing this.

Since resetting my browser, I have reinstalled the five other extensions, which are now all working fine.:slight_smile: I cross checked each extension one by one with Youtube (for the large window and full screen option), GMX (to log into) and Legsandcoblogspot (to enable the music search bar to be displayed). Unlike yesterday in ABP, all extensions work in the background without the need to unblock any filters. The only exception, this time not a fault, is Do Not Track Me – I simply enable/disable “Google +” to display/hide the above search bar.

As I have an “Old IceDragon Data” file, I gather that this can be deleted, according to what I read, but should I delete just the contents of the folder relating to Ice Dragon or the whole “Old IceDragon” file?

Even though the file is relating to the old settings including elements of No Script, it also has a listing of existing, unrelated folders and files that bear no relation to IceDragon.

It’s hard coded in the browser, and only affects the browser. if you want system wide Comodo DNS, you’ll need to modify the properties of the network adapter or let CIS make the modification during installation.

What’s the difference between Abine’s “Do Not Track Me” and “Privacy Suite” programs?
[url=]DoNotTrackMe FAQ[/url] [url=]PrivacySuite FAQ[/url]

As I have an “Old IceDragon Data” file, I gather that this can be deleted, according to what I read, but should I delete just the contents of the folder relating to Ice Dragon or the whole “Old IceDragon” file?

Even though the file is relating to the old settings including elements of No Script, it also has a listing of existing, unrelated folders and files that bear no relation to IceDragon.

If you’re referring to the folder on your desktop, that’s the old profile. If everything is working in your new profile, bookmarks, passwords etc., you can delete this folder.

Ah, now I see. :slight_smile:

I’ve re-ticked the “Enable malware domain filtering (Comodo DNS)" option in Ice Dragon, as while I use my local ISP’s DNS server (as upon two independent checks from Namebench and DNS Bench, both checkers confirm that it’s currently the fastest and nearest ISP to me), as Comodo DNS protects the browser, I’ve re-ticked this option for greater security. :slight_smile:

Sadly, the Extensions weren’t backed up, but, in this case, a reset was the safest and quickest option to clear up the bugs left over from the other two extensions which interfered with Adblock Plus’s settings. A FEBE rebuild of the 5 existing extensions was a very good idea, but in this case, I don’t think this would have made a difference, as the remnants of the now completely removed buggy extensions would have still been around, but I’ll keep FEBE in mind for the future.

All my Bookmarks have been retained with the reset. I didn’t save any passwords, but it’s useful that this option is available as back-up. Other than reinstalling each of the extensions one by one carefully checking to see if Adblock Plus was still affected and that the previously blocked web site links and facilities work fine (of which now only one program, Do Not Track Me requires an unblock for the Legsandco Blogspot search bar) and that the extension icons resurfaced, I had to re-tweak a small number of settings in the browser, but all the icons are displayed correctly again and the extension programs are now working correctly in the background. :slight_smile:

Due to the above positive outcome and your assurance, I have since deleted the old profile folder.