Screenshot-posting for beginners

Thank you very much for that. Now I have something else to play with…lol…I really have to sleep at some point…
I would just like to thank this forum, its admins and helpers for a very pleasant experience.
I have really picked up ALOT of information here, all of it clean and very useful.
My suggestion to others is simply to click into a section of the forum, any section, and just start reading. More and more doing that has led me to other ideas and ways of solving difficulties from with in my system. And of course, some of the links I have run into, (such as the ones in this thread), have really given my system all sorts of entertainment.
So, if you guys keep posting your ideas, I will keep reading them. (:KWL)


I agree with everything being said about a “picture is worth a thousand words”, and in general about capturing screen/s for better clarity when dealing with issues. However, I do have to disagree that “FastStone Capture” is free. While it may be freely available for download, it is not a FREEWARE but instead it is a SHAREWARE. It is free to be downloaded for an evaluation of 30 days, after which you will need to either buy or uninstall or else … I don’t know, will have to wait for 30 days to find out if it becomes crippled. If anyone is looking for freeware please see this posting right here at this COMODO Forum.

If you don’t wish to install an additional program to capture screen shots, you can easily use the PrintScreen function in Windows:

To capture the whole screen, simply press the PrintScrn button (just right of the F12 key)

This will create an image of everything on the entire screen. It then copies that image to the Windows clipboard.

Next, Go to the Start Menu/Run and type mspaint [press enter]
In mspaint, select Edit and then paste. (you can also use <ctrl + v>) You should see the image of your screen in the main window. At this point, you could edit the image, before saving.
Select the File menu, then ‘Save As’
Give the file a name and from the ‘Save as type’, choose PNG
You now have a screen capture.

To select only the active window using this method, press the key with PrintScrn.

Yeh but why use Fastone , most computers come with paint installed you can captur screen with it.

See the post just above yours topmoxie!

They changed the license with version 5.4 …
The last free FastStone capture was version 5.3 …
“update” ? yeah right !!

M$ Paint ? it’s a POS .

I had completely forgotten about this screen-capture utility. It is really neat, especially the scrolling window. I just found out today that after the 30 day trail period you have only three choices (really two) buy or uninstall. I’ll stay with Wisdom-Soft Screen Hunter Free, it is limited but works for me.

There are other free utilities for this purpose. One I know of is HoverSnap, by the folks that do RegSeeker. No time limits or anything, just freeware.


Here is another one screen capture utility freeware. Donations are accepted. I’m not sure if it is loaded with any spyware. I haven’t tried it yet but will do so later today.


Very, very, very good FREE screen capture utility is at AndySnap - a free screen capture utility

Handles multi monitors and can remember capture co-ordinates.

Highly recommended

Ewen :slight_smile:

Why don’t you tell us how you really feel about andysnap, Ewen? ;D

No. You’ve got to guess. :wink:

I have just installed and I like what I have seen at their website. I’ll try it out later tonight.


Thanks for the link. I can now ignore the rest of them, at least for now, till I find a better one than this FastStone.

If you don’t mind paying for software you could get
SnagIt : Screen Capture Software | Snagit | TechSmith
there’s a 30-day free trial here : Download Free Trial | Snagit | TechSmith

I like the faststone screencap program too.

Here’s a couple others that are free, one is “Donationware” (see their site). You should check them out :slight_smile:

Screenshot Captor (donationware)

Gadwin Printscreen (freeware)


nice find, I will ad the links to the OP …

If you don’t need to capture Videos, in game scenes or alike, Fast Stone SC is really the best around, I guess no one should look any further at the moment. Version 5.3 is really great, I’ve been using this little gem since it’s beginnings, and the last free version should be usable on Vista too (I don’t use Vista)

I’ve always been a fan of “Last freeware” versions, as long as they’re not security related…


My favourite is WinSnap. Very versatile and easy to use. Several formats including TIF which can be annotated by Windows Fax Viewer if you wish.
I downloaded from
This is only 144 KBytes.

n.b. My first P.C. had a 20 Mega Byte hard drive. It is not logical, but I get very emotional when I consider installing anything that takes more than 1 MByte !!!


Don’t worry friend, my first Sinclair had no HD at all… :slight_smile:
But it did work the way it was supposed to work.

In 1979.

btw. my first amiga had a 30 mb harddrive…, in 1985.

cheers friend.