screens flickering to compete with each other

Comodo Killswitch 64x
Product Version 2.5.242177.201

  1. open killswitch

  2. double click on any of the proccess (example: svchost) then click on “threads”

  3. Now double click on another proccess (example: icedragon) then click on “threads”

  4. Killswitch now flickers (basicly flashing back and forth)

*If you click on one of the proccesses open (example: icedragon) click on something other then "threads, it stops flickering

also puting it the 2 proccesses side by side so neither are touching it will prevent it from flickering

I also experience flickering, but in other way. (KS as a part of CIS 6.0)

  1. Open KS.
  2. Hide it behind other window or application (for example web browser) - this is not required, however UI refresh events should not tamper with overlaying windows.
  3. Open start menu (I use XP) and go into its hierarchy - now we will see that KS refresh events will cause menu start to flicker. The worst flickering I see in browser’s address bar drop-down (Opera) - it makes inline address bar searches almost unreadable.

If KS is minimized or refresh is paused there are no such artifacts.