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I recently went back to Comodo 3.0 and ever since my screen savers don’t start on there own. Yes it is checked off allow in firewall and D+. Well I mean they are trusted in the firewall tab and trusted in the D+ tab. The screen savers all do previews with no problems but never seem to start on there own. I remember reading about this somewhere. Anyone run across this?
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Try removing all screensaver entries in D+. Next set D+ to ‘Training Mode’ and then set your screensaver to come on after 1 minute. Leave the pc for a minute and see if the screensaver comes on. Dont forget to put D+ back to a higher setting after this.


I will try that but the screen savers are learned already in D+.

I found with a couple of applications that it did not seem to ask about interprocess memory accesses or running executables when in train with safe or clean pc modes. In my case removing rules and putting D+ in training mode did the trick. I hope it might work for you.


You need to make a new rule to allow winlogon.exe to launch your screensaver.
The process that runs the “preview” is not the same process that launches the screensaver when you don’t use your pc for a while. So D+ may well have learnt that rundll32.exe launches screensaver.scr, but that won’t allow the screensaver to run normally.
I dropped cpf3 because of the godawful interface, but from memory,
D+ > advanced tasks > computer security policy > winlogon.exe > edit > process permissions > allowed executions > add > browse to screensaver > apply > apply > apply > apply

I am sorry guys. I am back and screen savers works. I tired Online Armor but my pings are higher and gaming sucks. I loved Comodo 2.4 and now I am getting use to 3.0 :BNC