Screen freezes when toolbar with many icons is opened

I have some auto-hide toolbars docked to the side of the screen that have shortcuts to every game/application I installed. Whenever I move the mouse to the side of the screen to make the toolbar appear, it locks up for about 5-10 seconds. The task manager shows Comodo is the cause (increased & sustained CPU usage for the duration of the freeze).

I’ve tried adding exclusion for *ico files as well as the c:\toolbars* folder where the toolbars are located. Without adding exceptions for every executable, is there a way I can stop Comodo from scanning the target files for all these shortcuts?

I’ll have to remove Comodo is I can’t solve this as it makes custom toolbars unusable.

Thanks for any suggestions!!


Are the toolbar handled by an application? If that is the case then you can try to add the toolbar program to the AV exclusions.

What makes you think CIS is scanning the target executables when scanning the icons in the toolbar?

Hi EricJH. It’s just regular windows toolbars (you can dock them to the sides/top of the screen and set them to auto-hide. That way they only appear when I move the cursor to the side/top of the screen.

If I disable CIS, the issue doesn’t occur. And I can also see a steady 15% CPU usage for CIS for the duration of the freeze. Since I’ve added an rule to exclude *.ico, I can only presume that CIS is scanning the target files of the shortcuts in the toolbar. Could be wrong though.


How did you disable CIS?

Does disabling the AV on access scanner help to counter the freeze?

I made a toolbar on the Task Bar and had it point to a folder. Is that how you made your launcher?

I disable CIS by right clicking the tray icon and choose ‘Antivirus Security Level’ followed by ‘Disable’.

In WinXP, to create the toolbar, right click an empty area of the windows taskbar, choose Toolbars–>New Toolbar. Browse to a folder to use as a toolbar (e.g C:\Toolbars\Right )
It then appears on the windows taskbar.
Drag it onto the desktop. (left click and drag its name).
Then drag it to the side or top of the screen. It will become docked to the edge of the screen. Right click it and choose ‘Auto-hide’.

Then place several different shortcuts into the toolbar folder (e.g C:\Toolbars\Right ).

Moving the mouse to the edge to the screen causes the toolbar to appear and display the shortcuts. Most of the time, the screen then freezes as CIS does something (scanning presumably). Once the freeze ends, the toolbar works fine for a while…then CIS locks it up again.