needs your input about why you like CPF. Pls help!

Hi Everyone
Scotsnewsletter wants fo find out why you like CPF. He says he does not see why he should choose Comodo. The best input to him can only come from our users… you! Can you please email him and tell him why CPF.

His email address is here: scot [ at ]
Pls put subject line as :Software_Firewall_Suggestion

Here is the topic that was started by Pifcan :,2471.0.html

Thank you for your help! I am sure Scot will be more than pleased to hear from all of us, so please send him the email


Hi Melih,

I emailed him just now. There were a number of reasons I gave him, each with a brief explanation summing up why I like Comodo so much, and I also urged him to spend some more time trialing it in an effort to get a thorough understanding of how it works.

Regards, cprtech

Hi, Melih

Can you please email him and tell him why CPF.
Danger of email harvesting.

May I say, I have Paid for Versions of, Tinys 2005 x64, Sunbelt Kerio PF 4.3+, Look’n’Stop 2.5p3, and OutPost 4.0, My Licence of Outpost is also Lifetime.

Also free Versions Jetico, and finely last but definitely not least Comodo

Of which I am using on my Winx64 OS= OutPost 4.0 x64, and on my Winx32 OS’s [2K & XP] LnS and Comodo PF

So I would say he should Certainly try the same on his Win x32 OS’s.

I find Comodo very easy and simple to install a setup, I have installed it on four friends PC’s and Laptops to date, and they have not need to ask me about anything so far.

And I will continue to recommend Comodo PF without hesitation. [x32]

Take Care,
TheQuest 8)

someone should inform Scot about this,2486.0.html

the graphic says it all :wink:


and some more that Scot should be aware of…,2466.0.html


I don’t think it’s a good idea! That’s look like Comodo’s spam or simply e-mail flood.
It’ll be better if You send him link to this topic (one e-mail letter will be enough).

Why do I use CPF:

  • It’s free (this is the most importatnt reason for me, cause I’m tired of paying for not working software);
  • It’s the best freeware firewall;
  • Most (or may be all) of the leaktests do not work with CPF (i.e. High Security Level);
  • Comodo’s support

Truthly speaking, I’ve found CPF by pure accident and I’m not using it yet, I’m testing it whether I can easyly use it or not.
About half a month ago, I’ve been used Agnitum Outpost Firewall. I saw that Agnitum Outpost has new version (4.0) and I’ve downloaded the last one. After I’ve installed it, I understood that that is worse than version 3.51. That means for me that either I wouldn’t upgrade f/w anymore or I’ll have to get used to the innovations or (I’ve chosen it) I should change my f/w software. Agnitum Outpost 4.0 seems to me too paranoik. And I’ve got many problems with it.

…aside from CPF’s advanced technic, now I don’t have to take a coffee while my pc’s boot.
It’s the best personal firewall, allright. …hands down!
Plus, you can’t beat the-■■■■-out-of it’s price!

I disagree. There is no need to be so afraid. Scot Finnie is a reputable individual. BTW, he responded to my email. More on that later.

Hi, while your concern is a valid one, I would assume Melih to not do such a thing unless he knew it would be alright to do so. :wink: I think these e-mails are welcome currently as Scot wants to hear from Comodo users. But to address your usage of CPF, this depends what you want to do. Most full version firewalls can be as complicated with rules as you need, or as simple as you need. When I install CPF, I use the Auto config as it passed all leak tests, etc…and I don’t have to fumble around unless for a few specific ins and outs. I find it easy to use compared to many and hope you do too. Did I mention it passed every leak test? :wink:



Hi all,

Just want to let you know I sent Scot an email with my 5 point criteria for a program with brief explanations for each point.

Before I sent it I went to his site, out of curiosity, and there should be no problems with us all sending email because he is asking for everyone’s input into his project. (I would have sent it anyway, I was just being nosey.)

Oh yea!
Melih, Forum members/participants and COMODO products all passed my 5 point criteria with flying colours.

Keep up the good work & have a great day,

Scot mentioned, as he has already, that the pop-ups bother him and he would like to find a way to tone them down. I replied that it is very easy to do with a few minor adjustments, most notably to the Alert Level Frequency. I also let him know Comodo looks at an apps parent path, looks at its checksum and uses component control amongst its arsenal against malware, making it a firewall that leaves no stones unturned when defending a system. He is going to revisit it soon because of the large number of emails he has received promoting it.

He also mentioned that he is already behind a NAT router, so he feels that a software firewall is not all that important, other than for controling outbound activity. Well, that was something I really keyed on, informing him that Comodo is one of the very best for this purpose, even better than his current favourite, Kerio. I urged him to really spend some quality time on it next time he trials it and made it very clear to him I was in no way affiliated with Comodo, nor trying to spam him and that I am a registered user of Outpost Pro for two years, trialing Comodo out of curiosity – yet skeptical before I started – because of all the hype it was getting in Wilder’s forum, and my experience with it has been full of very pleasent and unexpected surprises.

Thank you for your support so far guys. Please please please keep it up…



Good job! I do want to mention, I am behind a NAT as well but I don’t feel it’s as safe as some believe it to be. I still like my personal firewall to “put a lock” on my closed door if you will. As mentioned, especially for Outbound. CPF has stopped traffic, incoming, that has slipped the NAT umpteen times and I commend CPF for this.