Scheduled task missing after reset baseline.

I set CTM to restore the disk everyday, after setting this, i reset the baseline.
after the reboot, i open CTM and found the task was missing.
is there any way to keep scheduled task in a baseline, so it can be kept after restore?
thank you =]

Well… the baseline is before CTM is installed… I don’t think it can survive the “restore to baseline”… Am I wrong?

the baseline should be after CTM installed. i reset it after installation and setting the task.
did i misunderstand?

Installed… yes, but before the task is generated. CTM is installed but not configurated.

thats mean the task wont be included even i create it before resetting the baseline?

Let’s see if I remember correctly… I’m not using CTM for a long time.
I think if you create the task before resetting the baseline it should be there.
If it disappears, maybe a bug (or there is some reason unknown for me).

Let us assume that you create a scheduled task for restore system to a snapshot named “AA”, then reset baseline, the “AA” snapshot will no longer exist.