scheduled scans

Comodo IS 5.9.2
Whenever there is an update of Comodo IS, of any sorts it seems, there is a couple of scheduled scans that are added to my scan schedule by Comodo. I have my scan schedule set up to manage my 6TB + worth of data and systems. I do not need some automated scan based on 12:00pm daily scanning all 6TB on my machine. Is there a way to prevent the addition of scheduled scans on updates? Perhaps whomever thinks this is a good idea could be bothered to check to see if there are any scheduled scans and not alter that schedule. Maybe give the user a notice that they need to have scheduled scans along with a link and some explanation if they do not have any.

One of the biggest problems, that I noticed had forum complaints going back to 2007, is the issue of the system locking up when one of these Comodo added automated scans are stopped. I really appreciate having to reboot my system because I stopped a scheduled scan someone else added to my computer and have it lock up.

Please quite altering my scan schedules.

It is neither the av update nor a scheduled test that adds these complete scans. It comes with the program updates and cannot be switched of. :-\