Scheduled backup stopped

Greetings ???

I’ve set up Comodo Backup on two machines that are not at home (I do not use Windows): one is my sister’s and the other one is my girlfriend’s.

The idea was to be certain that they could use scheduled backups, because… well… they would never do otherwise, would they? :wink:

So I make certain that (in both computers) there was an USB Harddisk always knowledged as, say, drive X. Then I prepared a files and directories backup using CBU, running as a service, once an hour, run next time is possible (don’t remember exact wording).

This has been working on both computers flawlessly until last February. Don’t know why. I can check both machines from home (using a VPN client) and, thought services appear as working, there’s no way to do backups other than manually.

Any hint would be appreciated. I cannot dump things right now (both computers look like turned off because they’ll be at work) but I am wondering what’s causing both computers to stop working.

Thanks in advance.