Schedule Scan would not complete

Windows XP SP 2 - Full CIS the only security application - database 800 (SAS on demand) -

I have observed that my ‘Schedule Scan’ never completes its work and would abruptly close every time. The problem is also that I could not see any entry of ‘complete scan log’ results. I have tried both Antivirus events and antivirus logs (which shows entry of real time catching of viruses) but no entry of scan completed.

Before reporting it as a bug, I wanted to be sure and hence I watched the progress and it was going on until when the screen saver started. I let it continue for some more time and when I tried to check the status, the scan was going on and at that time it was scanning a zip file, but suddenly the scan & GUI disappeared.

I disabled scanning of zip and scheduled it for next day, but when I returned the scan was disappeared without any results. I feel it has something to do with returning from screensaver, which I have yet to test. I shall return with that tomorrow.

(My real time as well as ‘context menu’ scan works fine).

Okay, I tested it today itself and here is my results now :

RunScan feature of Antivirus

Critical Areas - Completed
My Computer - Completed

Schedule Scan

The scan closes abruptly without showing results
(I tested the schedule scan after disabling screen saver, but to no avail).

The bug seems to be a very small one, as when I tested the same with Run a Scan feature of CAVS, for ‘My Computer’ it completed the scan and result was shown on the monitor with 56808 files.

I have been after this for some time now, before reporting it as a bug and in the case of schedule scan, while testing the same, I have and had observed that the scan screen goes ‘off’ somewhere after crossing 56000 files. But could not make it out, as it suddenly disappears, without giving me any clue.

So, it seems that the CAVS actually completes the scan, but due to some small bug, is not able to produce the results on the screen. (I had gone through all the setting to check whether there is anything in the GUI, which disables the ‘scan complete’ message, but could not find any).

Since a lot of people has been criticising the CAVS, I think, once the developers or moderators take note of this, they can delete this post, as I don’t want others to get discouraged by bug reports, while I want Comodo to perfect this pet project.