Schedule creates new task and neither are scheduled!

I have saved a Backup Profile, which is listed under Shortcuts. If I click on the Schedule button and set it for Weekly and then Save Schedule, it creates another profile with a auto-generated name. When i go back to Shortcuts after this and check the Schedule for each of the two tasks, both are just set to Once.

I’m running v4.2.2 which it says is the latest.

Same problem here! I’m using version It seems that the bug has not been fixed yet…
I don’t think we will fix the problem with a workaround. They need to fix the job scheduling from the ground up.
It’s a great product but the scheduling is a nightmare.

One year on and the same problem still exists as I have just discovered.

April of 2015, and this problem still exists. Sigh…

Same problem here. Saw it in 3 other threads. No solution apparently. HELP COMODO!
Running Comodo v. 4.4.1 in Windows 7, as Administrator.