Scans appear to be frozen

At a quick glance this forum does not appear to be very active, but I’m crossing my fingers that someone will still see this…

Wondering if anyone has had the same experience we’re having: in Q4 2015, Q1 2016, and now Q2 2016, we have been completely unable to get any scan to complete. (We’ve ended up using a different scanning vendor every time, but still continue trying Hacker Guardian because we’ve already paid for it…)

Here’s what happens: we press “Start Scan,” choose everything, and launch the scan. The first couple of hosts display “Scanning,” and the rest “Awaiting Scan.” And then nothing ever changes. Currently, for this run, 36 hours have gone by and those first hosts still say “Scanning.” I can see in our app logs that Comodo/HackerGuardian IP’s are no longer hitting our servers. It feels like the scan has completely frozen.

I’ve continuously reached out to support, but can’t get much farther than the “scans take 12-24 hours” canned message. A few of the reps I’ve spoken to do not even know what Hacker Guardian is. This combined with slow ticket response time has made me kind of throw my hands up in frustration and look elsewhere.

Anyone else have a similar experience? If you’ve been able to resolve it, I’m very interested to hear what the solution was. Thank you in advance!

EDIT: It occurred to me after submitting that I should have mentioned: we have been using Hacker Guardian since 2011, and never experienced this problem in the past. It only surfaced at the end of 2015.

If you contact support we should investigate what’s causing this issue. If you private message me with your username I can check for you.