Scanning with Latest Version of CCE 6.0

On the 24th of Feb I ran a full scan with CCE 6.0 and the whole scan took 11 hours 42 mins which I thought was a bit long. I have run CCE 6.0 with a Full scan in the past and the scan was done just under 2 hours.

Therefore, I guess this is a bug with CCE.

The CCE version is: 6.0.264710.2708

My HDD size with all info on it as in used space is 15 GB

the Free space is 23.1 GB

Capacity: 38.1 GB

Total HDD size 40 GB

Info Copied from Help Section of CCE.

Thanks for replying to my issue!

  • First of all I check often for compressed files (So I don’t think, there is an issue there)
  • When I ran this Scan I had no internet Access to this Computer, I unplugged the Ethernet cable to Computer and used my laptop in a different location.
  • I checked the scan about 1 hour later and it was at 48% done usually at this time it’s about 60% done
  • Therefore, I opened up Task Manager under windows and the CPU was showing 100% usage
  • Therefore, I left and came back 1 hour later; the scan showed 55%, and the CPU was still 100%

Therefore, I left it again, came back to my PC after 4 hours, and was at 60%, So that point I wrote down on paper the progress of it.

So I left it again and came back 7 hours later after starting the scan and it showed 82%, So that point I said to myself this is a bug here, I will have to ride this out and write down when this finishes.

I came back to my PC to check the progress just less than 10 hours and it read 93% I rechecked CPU and showed 100% still

So I came back a little while later and looked at my PC and it said scan complete and it read 11:42:18 and the top said The System needs to reboot to complete scan So I pressed reboot and my system rebooted. When it came, back CCE started so I press yes and it came up and showed a monitor symbol that was green and blue tick across the monitor symbol and under that it said No Treats found.

So then, I shut down my PC and came back on the 25th Feb to log my report as shown on first post.

Sorry I did not do my first post like this, so hope this fully explains all.

Other info about my Computer My Processor is AMD Athlon 64 3200+ 2.0 GB RAM

My Processor is set as it is, as in not over clocked

Therefore, I hope this information helps now

Thanks again