Scanning taking more time than I have

I have been using Comodo with pleasure for over a year now, but that pleasure is starting to make place for frustration.

In the past a scan took between 3h15 and 3h50 .

I have done the update to version 4.1 and now it is still scanning ofter 13h .

But as I have to use the PC for all kinds of things, I can’t sitback and wait until it is finished…

Anybody got any suggestion?

Please try to make a new scan, go to antivirus tab → Scan profiles → Add…


Other than the CIS upgrade, has anything changed on your PC?

Do you have additional external storage (NAS etc.)?
Do you have cloud based storage (Dropbox, Skydrive etc.)?
Do you have any new network shares or connections?

I can’t think of any reason for a slowdown, let alone a fourfold slowdown.

As a comparison, CIS on my test system scans at approximately 45-50 objects per second, 95186 objects with an average object size of 936KB, total data mass of ~85GB, total scan time of ~34-35 minutes.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Well I have no changes of any kind to the PC in the last months, only that I have updated Comodo .

Same software has been running for months now…

No CD, USB or other stuff at the moment.

I have just made a new profile, try that tonight.

I have 2 partitions, each approx 60GB of data

I have just noticed that my scanner is scanning C:\ .

More shocking, I have C:\Users in the ignore . But th scanner is buse with C:\Users .

Never seen an update cause so much hasstle.

I am a new Comodo user, and am finding it great. The only grouch I have is the time it is taking to do a scan.
The first few were taking around 36 minutes, but now I’m waiting for over an hour! What can I do to bring it
to a more reasonable state of mind ???
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks from Indypindy.

May be the scanner stalled? To see if it stalled try stopping the scan. When it doesn’t stop it stalled.

I wanted to do a full scan but the scan takes so long that I have to leave the PC and go do other things for an hour or more. Why does is this?? PLEASE get yourtechs to give this system a boot up the nether regions!