Scanning big files

sorry for my english, just russian forum is empty, as usuallu.
av scanner doesn’t touch big files, as an images of disks, archives, though I’ve changed options for scnanning (all 3 types) them. how to make it scan these files?

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Hi ksm81,
No need to apologise. :slight_smile:
Antivirus, Scanner settings, Manual Scanning, tick Scan archive files and OK.

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Hi, thanks for your answer!
I saw this checkpoint, and nevertheless the problem is not solved.

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On that same settings screen, ‘do not scan files larger than’, increase the size to what you require.

I know, I may be wrong, but I think that ~3014 less than 99999, shown on the screenshot

Is it all large files, or that particular file or file type?
It might be having trouble extracting certain files for scanning depending on their nature.
You could try various programs to extract the contents for scanning.
Sorry if this is not what you are looking for.

ISO images are valid, I can mount and use them, and scan them but it’s not convinient. RAR archive is also not scanned. Well, I will install microsoft security essentials (comodo av will be deleted) and will try to protect it by defense+ (exactly to protect MSE, because its self-protecting is the worsest, but in whole it works good). Thanks for your attempt to help =)

can you tell me please, are your big files scanned correctly? or it might be AV works badly only on my machine…

Sorry nothing has helped.
With the fact that rar archives are not scanned I am wondering if you have found a bug.
If you agree and have the time you might like to consider filing a Bug Report, if you do decide to please follow the Bug Report Format.
Sorry this has not been solved, thanks.

Edit: Large files do get scanned completely here, but I have no ISOs to try.
Example: IceDragons setup file in the screenshot, not large as such but fully extracted and scanned.

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exctracted files scanned coorrectly (on my computer too), I tried to scan non-exctracted. Well than tell me pleace, if idea with MSE is good? What do you think about that?
P.S. and what can you tell about my English?) I am not often guest on american sites. Thanks a lot =)

The files did automatically extract to be scanned, I did not manually extract them.

Talking about other AVs such as MSE is probably best suited to new topic, and it greatly comes down to personal choice.
Numerous good free AVs out there.
If Comodo is not on demand scanning as you would of liked, you could add something like Malwarbytes free along side as an on demand scanner to fill in the gap.
Again the choice is yours and IMO MSE is ok.
Your English is fine. :slight_smile:

Than AV on my comp just does not work correctly =( I meaned the idea to protect another AV by defence+ (just I don’t wanna start new topic). Thanks!

Defense+ will not protect another AV in the same way it does for Comodo Internet Security, but it will still protect it as it will be protecting the overall system from malicious activity.

Well, again I forgot to sad the most impotant ) I will add AV path and registry keys to “important” in comodo defence+, will it keep AV from some dangers and attaks? Because MSE self-protecting is just terrible…

Unlocking the topic as it is not clear who and why it got locked.

CIS will protect any executable from being tampered with by sandboxed (non trusted) applications:

In addition to the Sandbox restriction level set for an application, Defense + also implements the following restrictions. A sandboxed application cannot:

  • Access non-sandboxed applications in memory
  • Access protected COM interfaces
  • Key log or screen capture
  • Set windows hooks
  • Modify protected registry keys (if virtualization is enabled)
  • Modify EXISTING protected file (if virtualization is enabled)

Refer to the following sections for more details on sandbox:
Always Sandbox
Run a Program in the Sandbox
[url=]Sandbox Settings

Src: Unknown Files: The Sand-boxing and Scanning Processes

If you think that is not enough you can make a custom rule for MSE and enable specific protection settings as can be seen at the bottom of the linked page.

Well, I hope that it will help MSE to survive =) Thank you!

Thanks for your input Eric and all the best to you ksm81 (Stay safe online).