SCanning at startup of CPM

It seems to me that CPM scans all the areas that it works on when I fire it up. So: Programs, Drivers and Services, Windows Features, Windows Updates. This takes a considerable time. I cannot remember when I went into the program or any other, with the intention of doing more than one category.

Would it not be better to only scan when I choose a category?

But before we make any feature/enhancement request, we must bug them first to continue development for CPM. :frowning:

I am confused. You are a newbie and you talk of “we” regarding features?

No, you are not confused. You are just stupid. So a low poster doesn’t have any rights to do a feature request?

No, you just dared to question a senior poster. Don’t you know he’s of a higher rank? Bow your head!

yeah it takes a lot of time to list out program list because it scan all the category… it would be if it scans only choosen category and same goes for another comodo product “COMODO SYSTEM UTILITIES”

lol. But I really do wish they continue the development of CPM.

Me too. I believe that either Comodo has spread themselves too thin for the number of products they support, or they just decided to drop CPM. CPM 2.0 was supposedly on the cusp of being released only to be put on hold just to work on an extension? The only way that makes any sense to me is if they had more work than they thought to get 2.0 ready for release.

Get off your donkey! The guy says We3 as if they are part of the development team.

You can all jump. This is just a nasty little area, apparently filled with nasty LITTLE people, that I will stay away from.

I though these forums were better than this garbage

Stay on topic and avoid insults.

Consider this a polite warning to both of you. :P0l

NOt sure who closed this topic so I will reopen it for now.

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