Scanners Folder (.cav files) Getting Too Big [Solved]

Hello to everybody, I just joined the forum.

I have Antivirus (free) installed on two computers. One a laptop with Vista, the other a PC with Windows 7 Pro. Both 32 bit.
I’m using CAV 6.3.302093.

On the PC (Win 7 Pro) the “scanners” folder has reached almost 26GB (gigabytes) and is mostly filled with .cav files beginning with b00nnnnn (e.g. b0017181.cav), 187 files in fact compared to to about 10 files on the laptop.

How do I go about cleaning up this folder please?

Have I overlooked a setting?
Is it safe to just manually delete some these?

Any help will be most appreciated.
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Hi and welcome kerflot,
Numerous bxxxxxxx.cav files are usually created with an error occurring in the update.
All can be deleted except for the one in use, this one will show up as a ‘File in use’ when you try to delete it.

Kind regards.

Many thanks for your prompt reply captainsticks.

I’ll try that but now I have to wait until the partitioning software has finished with the PC.

In the past I noticed on a couple of occasions after using Windows System Restore that the CAV database would need updating and wondered if that was the start of the problem.

I’ll report back with the final outcome.

You are welcome.
System restore has been known to cause Database update issues and multiple bxxxxxxx.cav files.

Kind regards.

Thank you again, that worked. Problem solved.

Good to hear that the issue is solved, thanks for posting back. :-TU