Hi All
I have just installed Comodo and I can not find any function to tell it to only scan the C:// drive rather than my games drive F:// and storage drive E:// which take forever to scan.
Has Comodo got a function to seperate the three drives?
Hope you can help, regards Robert.

He tyler4402

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If you have CIS RC-1 CAV, you can go to Antivirus → Scheduled scans → and make a custom scan of your choosing. It can then be edited from Scan Profiles.

If you have CAVS -2 then my suggestion is to update to CIS. You can download it here .

With CIS you can install the firewall only, the antivirus only or both together. They are both on the same installer.


Many thanks for your reply and help, I’m sorry for the delay in my reply ( we silver surfers are a bit slow) and it’s taken me some time to find the forum again, I’m afraid that I havent been on a site or forum as complicated as this one before. and its even taken me a couple of hours to figure out how to post!!!
Anyway I have managed to do as you suggested and installed CIS from the link that you kindly sent and the program seems ok just as a firewall, I gues its going to take some time to learn to understand Comodo and how it works after 5yrs of Zone Alarm but I’ll slowly get there if I stay with it, Its early days yet although I’m a little concerned that the program has been running for about 20hrs now and hasn’t reported any stopped any intrusions where ZA was continually stopping things, anyway as I say its early days yet and I have a lot to learn, so thank’s for your help.
Best regards Robert.

Intrusion Account= 0 Because your Hardware Firewall in your Router blocks the incoming attackers. CIS Handles the rest.