scanner settings

make the antivirus to scan the archives that i’m downloading
it would be nice to know if it has any kind of malware before is downloaded
i apologize if someone already requested this

as mutch i know, there is something like this ^^ … or this is my mistake ?

In the Scanner setting window, there is checkbox option for “scan archives” under the manual scan tab and the scheduled scan tab, but not under the real-time scanning tab.
However, in the help file, it says that for real-time scanning:
On Access - Any file opened will be scanned…
Stateful - CIS scans files that have not been scanned since the last virus update.

So, I assume that real-time scanning will scan an opened file even if it is an archive (although it does not explicitly say this in the documentation). Perhaps a developer can confirm this.

Scanning a file while it is downloaded or before it is downloaded
Comodo scans for malware in 2 places: memory and the hard drive. So, it will only scan a file if it is already saved to the hard drive or if it is starting to run in memory. It does not scan a file while downloading or before downloading (before it is saved on the hard drive). This method of scanning is still very secure and reduces the resources used by Comodo. For a more formal explanation, see this post. Comodo will probably not change this philosophy, but suggestions are always welcome.