scan won't complete; always stops on same file

My COMODO scanner always stops on the same file, so I can’t complete the scan. The file it stops on is C:/WINDOWS/_Default.PIF. This seems to be a common problem, usually fixed by exluding the file from being scanned. However, I can’t find the option to exclude the file. I go to Miscellaneous > Settings, like some have been instructed to do, and I get these options: General, Parental Control, Update, Language, Themes, Logging. There is no option in any of these categories to exlude a file from being scanned. Am I missing something? What else do I need to do?

any help someone can give would be appreciated

Sorry, I have no other tip for you as I don’t use CAVS. Have you checked every menu, everywhere?

We can expect a beta version of CAVS 3 this month, perhaps worth a try.


(Assuming you use Comodo firewall pro 3) You might upload the file to and if it comes back as infected - thus causing the hangup, you could move it to the quarantined files section in the firewall.

I have no idea why its hanging up, thats a possiblity though, i would think - and a remedy.

having the same problem here. The antiviirus scan halts on the same file for me


Ever since Comodo integreated the Antivirus into their “Internet Security” product, I have been unable to complete a full antivirus scan.

Any one have any suggestions?

Please post in the CIS - Anti Virus section. This thread and this section applies to CAVS 2 beta only!


There was an update on the 18th, has this fixed the problem?