Scan Task and other AV parts in FW only installation

As I did install latest CIS 7062 with only FW component selected it is a bit surprising to see the “General Tasks”->“Scan” button.
Is this button fully functional even if I didn’t install the AV component?
It is a bit confusing to see the text “Scan your computer for viruses and spyware” in a FW only installation.
Wouldn’t it be better to remove this button in FW only mode (and maybe other AV parts too)?

I believe it always was like that and its designed this way so users can Click on the ‘Scan Task’ and manually start a Rating Scan.

A Rating Scan is useful in reducing CIS/FW resources consumption (If the detected Unknown files are later marked as Trusted) and also useful when running with Cloud Lookup disabled. I usually did a Rating Scan right after updating Windows through Windows Update for example or installing a new program on my W7 System.

Other options in the ‘Scan Task’ besides Rating Scan should not appear on FW only installations, if they are appearing then it is most likely a Bug.

Thanks for the information.

I have no other options than “Rating Scan” in the “Scan Task” so that is OK then.

Question: When this “Rating Scan” is being performed does it need or make use of the local CIS AV database and/or the CIS AV Cloud Database?

I think it uses the Cloud Database only. Hopefully mods or devs can confirm?

Other AV related things such as the ‘View Quarantine Task’ for example are there in case the Cloud Lookup (or Rating Scan) picks up a Malicious file.

Thanks, I hope too that devs or mods provide the answer.

As the help states: The trust level of the file / SSL certificate as per the cloud based analysis, however it does not scan all files, only a certain areas and what is loaded in memory.

Ah cool thanks.

Another question arises:

In my FW only installation I see the checkbox “Use full signature database”. Does this checkbox have any effect on the “Scan Task” / “Rating Scan”?
Does it need to be there for FW only?