Scan My System

When is the blacklist updated?

Not really a reply to your question CainT(sorry) but i thought i ask if anyone knows what the new scan function in.295 actually scans?
It obviously doesnt scan all files as the numbers arent right,also does it do any de-compress/re-compress for zipped files etc?
I`m not complaining about it but would just like to know ???

Nice 1 Matty

At a guess I’d imagine that it scans the most common locations for malware,such as the Windows/system32 folder.

I agree, it certainly doesn’t have time to scan all files as it’s too quick.

But I would also like to know if updates are done automatically and how often, or is it just a set of definitions that are contained in the CFPv3 download and never updated?


That’s an interesting point.Since the main program of CFP doesn’t auto-update it doesn’t appear that there are regular definition updates,at least not yet.That’s if it uses standard malware definitions of course,it may just cross-reference against it’s default blacklist?

The scan has to be fairly comprehensive.
If it were not, Comodo would be shooting themselves in the foot as a system has to pass the scan in order to be eligible for one of the A-VSMART warranty programs that they are selling.


Thanks for your comments; perhaps one of the Comodo team will pop in and let us know if it’s updated or not, and how much it actually scans?


Because English is unskilled, it is not likely to be able to write well. I’m sorry.

Should I scan by using old signature though it is written “Comodo recommends all users run a system scan at least once per week.” in help?

Is the signature used to scan when installing it old signature?

After the latest update to CFP3 it performed a scan and it does in fact scan completely all drives on your system.Since the latest download of the complete program is only around 15mb it can’t be using a comprehensive, signature based approach.It must have a different methodology based on malware behaviours or similar? ???