Scan Logs Needed

CAVS3 needs to generate a log of what was scanned, when it was scanned, what the database version was that was used, and what (even if there was nothing) was found. Also a button/link would be nice to access this somewhere in CAVS3. Being able to access older logs would be even more awesome!


Do you mean non-infected files as CIS already reports detected viruses by date, action taken and status (not db version though).


I guess I mean a classic scan log…

Database Version Used
Total Files Scanned
Infected Files Found

+1 like ones Generated like Malwarebytes & SUPERAntispyware…


Again +1 on a comprehensive scan log with a hyperlink with date performed on CIS summary screen directly beneath the last virus database update date.

Cheers all :■■■■
Xman (:KWL)


And not to forget log password protected archives and “locked” files unable to scan !!