Scan Locks Up

I am running Windows XP and Comodo Internet Security.

CIS seems to be running fine except during auto scan. I have it set to scan daily at 3am and when I get up it has scaned about 35 minutes then locks up. Once it locks up the complete system is locked and I have to turn of the computer and restart. From that point on everything runs slugish.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Are there specific files where it gets stuck?

Mine does this as well. No particular place it sticks. However I have to shut it down restart the computer. I go to where it says possible issues to fix it and click fix. It says its fixed but it just does it every Sunday when it’s to scan.

I have exactly the same problem- it is not possible to make a manual scan. I have read something about at this forum- but it doesnt works (DEP change, last AV database update, uninstalling and reinstalling new version of CIS and AV database…). Whats wrong? Till december 2009, it was everything perfect with CIS, but now- strange behaviour.

Can somebody help ? whats the reason, that I can not make manual scan ? (it allways stops its activity, at different files anf I have to restart whole computer with reset button. CIS doesnt reacts and it can not be stopped!! I have the last available verson of CIS (installed on 6/jan/2010/

Pleaee help, otherwise I will have to change security software.