Scan individual file [RESOLVED]

Is it possible for me to scan an individual file, like Avast allows me to.
I’m using Comodo Firewall Professional v3.0.25.378, which I assume means I have CAVS 3

You have the on-demand BASIC Scanner off CAV 3. However, It’s not possible to scan individual files.

You can expect Full CAV 3 & Comodo Internet Security (Which will have CAV 3 & CFP 3 together), Hopefully at the end off this month.

Ok, thanks.

Should I presume then, that I don’t have CAV3 - just CFPv3?

Also, just for the record, I had a rar file that was passed by the CAVS system scan, but as I was suspicious of it I ran it through a couple of online scanning utilities and it was riddled with Win32:Agent-RAI[trj] - so I’ve disabled defense+ (through DEFENSE+ > Defense+ Settings > Deactivate the Defense+ permanently) and installed Avast (my usual AVS).

Is this advisable?

You don’t have full CAV3, Only CFP 3 & only just the scanner off CAV 3 (No Real time protection).

Avast! is fine. You will need it until full-blown CAV 3 is out. The scanner in CFP 3 is only basic. So I don’t think its yet powerful enough for certain files, like RAR.


Ok, thanks for your help.

Is the firewall only a basic version too?

No it’s the full version. The only possible add-on would be the AV-SMART warranty which is a paid for service by Comodo.

Gotcha, thanks.

NP. I’ll mark this as resolved and lock it. If you need it re-opened, PM one of the mods with a link.

Ewen :slight_smile: