Scan Exclusions ignored

Both I think. It gets an updated and after which it scans the system. Including white listed directories. and drives.

The only time the AV starts a scan automatically is either the initial quick scan after installing CIS and the full scan that runs on a schedule. The AV scan does not run after an AV update, nor does it run after upgrading to a newer version of CIS, especially if the upgrade was done using the program updater.

In that case it would be the scheduled scan. Comodo updates itself before going through with the scan so that’s probably what I was seeing.

I’m also having this problem. In my case, it will detect a file on an automatic scan, or an on-access scan. I choose ignore > add to exclusions, and moments later it pops up a warning on the exact same file. The only way I’ve found to stop it so far is to choose ignore > report false positive.

CIS version is

Fresh install of Windows was a little over a year ago, and CIS was installed shortly after, but this Windows install has only been used about half the time, because I dual-boot Linux.

This has been a problem for me since before that fresh install of Windows. Pretty sure I reported this a good while back, and was told to reinstall. Obviously, that didn’t work.

Need my logs as well?

I wish to bump up this topic because this still happens. It can be remedied by switching configuration profiles and restarting the computer but it’s really annoying that it keeps doing this. I add folders and enture drives to the (do not scan) settings and they still end up getting scanned. A less common bug is that sometimes the firewall will block everything from connecting to the internet. It’s fixed in the same manner. Switch from then back to your configuration profile.

Hello mintmag,

Thank you for reporting.We will check this and let me have some steps to reproduce?
Like what you did and what happened ?
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Unfortunately this is intermittent behavior, there’s nothing you can really do to trigger it. I can only suggest connecting a drive or creating a folder with a known false positive, then adding the directory (not the file itself) to the do not scan list. I tend to leave my computer on for days at a time that might also help as well.

@mintmag, Let me know your exact CIS version of the issue?
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Please accept my apologies for the late reply. I’ve included a screenshot. Despite this being a free license I still thought it wise to hide it.

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No need to apologies…cool.Let me check/test in my environment and notify you.
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Did you find anything?

I’m using freeware CIS on Windows 10 pro 1909. This night, a scan occurred (Sunday evening 11:59pm, default full scan schedule I think). I added (a long time ago) exclusions for some devices (F:* is highlighted here).

This morning, I see this: Gofile - Free Unlimited File Sharing and Storage

Is it intended that a full scan bypasses our exclusion rules ?? (Thankfully, all was restored with the general “action” command, which is a great feature when this happens btw).

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Seems a bug that won’t get fixed until they update the saved settings configuration format.

The same problem with a configuration setting of my own with version 7036.
With Eric’s suggestion it no longer occurs. But I want to use my own configuration.

Sorry for the late reply, I’m losing faith that this will get resolved. Did they change the format?

No but the latest beta they claim to check for invalid rules for scan exclusions was implemented, which is the reason this issue happens as the \Device\HardDiskVolume number changes every time an external drive is mounted.

Is that was causes Comodo to forget about the rules. It seems to happen when there’s an update or just randomly.

I’m sorry to report that this bug still exists. Until it is fixed I’ll have to use another antivirus. Please Comodo, fix this problem.