scan a hidden directory?

How would one select a hidden directory or file to scan? Thank you.

Sorry, I did not observe that it was CAV Linux topic. I did not use CAV on linux, I will check and tell you.

Edit: Deleted previous post which was related to CAV Windows, hence irrelevant.

There is no link to Comodo when right clicking a file or folder with the Mint Cinnamon desktop. I have to use the Comodo “run a scan” dialog to select a file or folder.

Perhaps you can scan a hidden file or directory from the command line.
I am a new user and having some of my own issues, so am sorry I cannot offer more specific help.
I did search for a means to use CAVL from the command line, but found nothing.
And like you, I noticed CAVL is not integrated with the R-click context menu.
These are features that would be helpful, as they are commonly provided by scanning programs.
Maybe someone else knows how to scan from the Terminal?
I’ll be following this thread, because I would like to know this answer myself.