sbapifs.sys causing problems

Just installed Comodo 3.0 (with Avast AV and Counterspy AS turned off) and all are running pretty well together. One slight problem. Comodo puts this Sunbelt Counterspy “Active Protection” file on the My Pending Files at every boot up. I searched the forums and found this discussion about it over on the Learn About Computer Security, General Security Questions forum. Please go to page two of that thread to see my input the last two days. Thought I would post here as this forum may be getting more views & attention and this is certainly a firewall compatibility issue. I’m certainly no techie but would guess this is an OS kernel level compatibility issue. Hope someone more knowledgeable can shed light on this or get with Sunbelt to figure out how to tackle the issue.


As a temporary fix switch Defense+ to train w/safe mode (to get rid of that file reappearing in pending files).
Other variant you can try is to disable that CS driver from autostartup with the help of this utility, for example.

Hi Goodbrazer, Thanks for the speedy reply. Your first suggestion of putting Defense+ into Train with Safe mode did the trick. :-TU A reboot showed 0 Pending Files needing my attention. Thanks so much! :-T Odd thing is I thought I was already in Train with Safe mode. ??? Thought I did that after the malware scan at the end of my installation. Oh well, I’m in Train with Safe now and it has temporarily resolve the immediate issue. Hopefully the developers of the two programs will be able to make that one aspect of CS more Comodo friendly. (:WIN)

Think I’ll hold off on killing sbapifs.sys at startup, though, as googling the file indicates it is at the very heart all of Counterspy’s 13 realtime system monitors.

Thanks again. Sure am liking this new release thus far. My congrats to the developers on several improvements I’ve noticed already. (:CLP)

EDIT: Oops, my Bad. (:TNG) Just looked and it was my Firewall that was set to Train with Safe mode (during installation). I had not yet moved Defense+ to that level. Now they both are Train w/ Safe.

It is suggested not to have two (or more) security applications that work realtime on system’s kernel level because their interaction may cause slowdown of system’s perfomance, incompatibility issues etc.

I guess the only way to avoid possible problems is not to run such programs simultaneously.