Saying goodbye to umesh

Can we ask to the Staff what happened with Umesh? He is not in charge anymore?
I feel some changes going on, and not the best changes as it seems.

Your observation is right. Umesh is leaving Comodo, his last work day was September 7, and will start working for another company. Shane will be taking his place.

Thank you for your answer.
That’s sad tho, Umesh was super active and helpful. I wish all the best to him.
It woudnt be bad if Shane officially write something, since Melih is fastly disappearing after Comodo’s acquisition and Umesh leaving in silence.


Umesh was absolutely wonderful. He will be missed for sure.

Melih has been getting more and more busy as Comodo has been growing as you have noticed. I sometimes miss his energy and enthusiasm here at the forums.

That being said I am happy that with Shane we have somebody with seniority. That’s what a project like CIS needs and deserves.

Both were and are excellent as far as I’ve seen, with a lot of experience behind them. Umesh will be greatly missed and I wished him all the best . . . . but good people do move on unfortunately, especially in the software field

I like the Time Zone for Shane :azn:

With Comodo CA acquisition, I’m sure many of us wanted to have some news from the staff. Some clarification, to understand what will be in the company, its future.
That’s why i thought a word from someone from the staff would have helped

All the best to Umesh.

Umesh will be missed. He has improved and made Comodo products better. He was active on the forums. Thank you for your work and support.

Welcome Shane. All the best.

The most what I had to say was personal. What I can say is, that I deeply regret his leaving from Comodo. :-[

Umesh thank you for your outstanding work and only the best for you and your future !!!

Bye … !!!


yes he is very active and responsible we ll miss him

Just say goodbye to umesh.

Hello Everyone,

Yes, the news is true. Umesh has indeed elected to leave Comodo and move to a new company. Umesh had been with Comodo for a long time. As you’ll see from his forum profile, he’s now part of the Comodo Alumni. I’ll will pass on this post to him, so he can see your gratitude. :-TU

Umesh did superb work for Comodo and he’s a very intelligent, pleasant, honest reliable person (I should know as I’ve shared an office with him for the past 10 years) who will no doubt be a shining asset to his new company.

I’ve taken over a few of Umesh’s projects and don’t worry, Melih still very much has his finger on the pulse and is fully guiding all the projects.

If you guys need me then I’ll be here on the forums but feel free to also PM or e-mail me and I’ll respond.

I look forward to working with you all. :slight_smile:


Good luck Umesh!

You have help me a few times and were always a pleasure to chat with!

If you helped others as professionally as you assisted myself, I think you will be missed by many people here!

Hope you enjoy your new role!

  • Reece

Good bye Umesh and all the very best.

Welcome Shane and thanks for the update. It was very reassuring. Much appreciated! All the very best to you as well. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the post! :slight_smile: