Saving Firewall and Defense + security policy


Can you tell me how I can save in a file the Firewall and Defense + security policy and if it’s possible to reload them in case of reinstallation of Firewall software?


You can Export your current configuration to a file and reload it later. This works for the v3.0.13.x to the current version (not for the v2.x and older beta versions).
Click Miscellaneous>Manage My Configurations>Export. When you click Export, you will see one or more configurations listed with the currently active configuration checked. Click on the configuration that you want to export (usually only one to start with) to bring up the Save browse window. Save the file somewhere easy to remember, but not the CFP directory in case of problems (I use a My Documents\CFP directory). When you want to restore the configuration, click Import on the above Manage… window and browse to the location where you have stored the file just saved. Importing it does not automatically overwrite the existing configuration, but it adds the configuration to the list of available configs that you can select using Select on the Manage… window. Some people export their initial configuration so that they have a blank slate to return to if they have problems due to rules and mods that they make. This has the side effect of requiring the firewall and Defense+ to relearn all the programs on your system, so it is not always the best approach.