Save Settings in CIS ?

I am using version 5.12.I cant see a major difference in procedure vs

In the past I did not rename the config file, and ran into problems.(ie) Lets say I install a copy of Comodo.I want to be able to export all configuration settings for future use.

I just installed a copy of Win7/64.Then installed Comodo.I know the default is set for Internet Security, so I set it to Proactive.Now Proactive Security is running, and active.At this point, I need to make all my rules.After I make all my rules, what is the best way save this properly. under Proactive when finished.

Thanks :azn:

Just go to Configurations and select your active configuration and choose to export. Give the export file a name (such as runningman). If you need to import your config in the future, just choose runningman.cfgx and import it. CIS will ask you if you want to give it a name when importing (to distinguish it from the other configurations). Give it a name and after it’s imported, activate the imported config.

If you want to save your Trusted Files, you need to go into the CIS program directory, enter the database folder and make a copy of trusted.db.


Between my vpn, router, and rules it takes some tweaking to get this right :smiley: I want to make sure all goes as planned.I made a image file of the os, but you never know.

You’re welcome. Glad to help out! :wink: