Save proxy username/password?

I use --allow_proxy 1 command?
Is there a way to save proxy username/password ?

You can try these options with TrustConnect.exe:

–http-proxy s p [up] [auth] : Connect to remote host through an HTTP proxy at address s and port p.
If proxy authentication is required,up is a file containing username/password on 2 lines,
or ‘stdin’ to prompt from console.
Add auth=‘ntlm’ if the proxy requires NTLM authentication.

–http-proxy s p ‘auto’: Like the above directive, but automatically determine auth method
and query for username/password if needed.

More detailed info: TrustConnect.exe --help

It says me “Unrecognized option or missing parameters(s)”
I wrote C:\Programmi\Internet\TrustConnect\bin\TrustConnectGUI.exe --http-proxy 3128 pass.txt ‘auto’
Is that right?

Saving proxy username and password in the graphical interface (TrustConnectGUI.exe) is not provided. You may run TrustConnect.exe from command line in console. For example,
[b]C:\Programmi\Internet\TrustConnect\bin\TrustConnect.exe --config free_client.conf --http-proxy 3128 pass.txt[/b]
where free_client.conf - config file for users of free service. If you have paid account, you should use client.conf instead. Place this file and CA certificate into \bin\ directory (or elsewhere, but specify the path to it). You can download these files from here:
File ca.crt you can find in [b]C:\Programmi\Internet\TrustConnect\config\[/b]
Note that in this case you won’t see the TrustConnect icon in system tray.
To stop TrustConnect session in console, press F4.

It still ask me user and password…why?
I just create a pass.txt file with:


Is that correct?

Yes , it’s correct. Now it asks your TrustConnect service login and password. You should enter these parameters manually, they cannot be stored in a file.