Save configuration when updating

Having just updated, I would like to request the ablity to use the configuration from the previous version. Having to “teach” the app all over again is a real pain.

You can export and import configuration under Miscellaneous → Manage My Configurations.

If you weren’t aware that the config files would be lost when you updated, that’s not much of a help. I’ve seen many an installer that offers to save your previous settings. If that’s not an option, a reminder screen that advises you that your settings will be lost and need to be backed up, that came up before you proceeded with the update would be appropriate.

The configuration won’t get lost when you use the CIS updater. When using the installer they do get lost.

It would be very nice to have the installer ask to maintain the current configuration(s).

The config doesn’t get lost when using the internal updater, and I would wager that it also remains intact when using an installer to update between minor versions.