Save-as dialog crashes

Windows 10 Pro
Comodo Version 76.0.3809.132 (64-bit)

File-Save As dialog appears and goes away. Browser stays active.

Simple as right-clicking on an image, save-as, boom!

Please help - this only started happening when I updated to 76 - where can I download an older version that still works?

Oh - I did completely uninstall Comodo, then re-installed. Did not add any plugins, installed in recommended location, I am an admin.

I have google chrome Version 76.0.3809.132 (Official Build) (32-bit) - does not have this issue

Hello gj62,thank you for reporting this problem it is not advisable to install a older version, let’s try to fix this issue, it might have something smth in the browser’s cache that makes it behave like this, so try and uninstall it selecting Remove User profile like in the photo attached, after try reinstalling and do not Sign-in|(Sync)

Use this Link to download the set-up again, maybe it had some issues

Also u can try to install it in portable mode, install it on your desktop and test if it works form there,
if there are specific websites where u try to save images and doesn’t work please write them here, Thank you

Thank you -
I deleted Comodo, told it to remove my profile.
I downloaded a new installer from the link you provided, I installed the Portable version on my desktop.
I told the installer to run Comodo. Then I right-clicked on the ‘VividSeats’ shortcut on the main page and selected Save Link As…, the Save-As dialog appears, then disappears. This happens on any website, whether I try to save an image, save a link, or download a file.

Does the problem persist in portable mode aswell? Are you using any kind of antivirus, or have you turn your windows defender to Strict?

Yes, it exists in Portable mode as well.
I just turned off Windows Firewall - problem still exists.
No 3rd party virus detection is used.

Are you sure you don’t have any extension like add blocker that may compromise it?, i would appreciate it if you send us a video, of the problem
u can use to record your desktop, and send it to me in private i will have the devs to take a look over it

Yes - there are no extensions other than the ones included by Comodo. However, I just tried deleting those extensions and the problem remains. I will do the video later today and email to you.
Thank you for your help!

Email w/video has been sent!