Save, Add, Export, Import predefined policies

It is really needed to have opportunity to save in file one or more predefined policies of Firewall(first of all) and Defence+, and also add these saved policies to current policies. Also may be buttons export/import to save all or to load and replace all current predefined policies of Firewall or Defence+ by set of saved policies.

Certainly, must be two different formats for Firewall predefined policies and Defence+ predefined policies. This can be done, for example, by adding one variable named TYPE in saved file.

I even want to suggest an extension for that file :), it could be .ppfd, that means abbreviation of Predefined Policies of Firewall and Defence+. This filename extension is not registered by any program yet.

This is a long time wish, version 6 with the new GUI will incorporate these features.

When is the sixth version expected? :slight_smile:

Good question :wink: I assume next year hope in the first quarter, but it’s ready when it’s ready as they say.

Ok. We will wait.