SANS? or NOT SANS? That is the question . . .

Foolish Dummy/Novice/Newbie/(roll your own if you wnat to add any) ran a search for any references to SANS and their secure codding courses and NewsLetters. As the described individual at the very begining of this message, wanted to see if Comodo was aware of SANS and what they offered. Well they “[size=10pt][size=10pt]R[/size][/size]”!!

I have been registered with them for about, “for ever”, and do not understand anything about programing, but; do like to keep informed of the other problems that show up and just want to spread the WORD about their NewsLetters and encourage others to subscribe. They do put out very informative messages and cover the FULL range of software problems that show up. Would like to take a course or two, cannot find one that is simple enough for this Dummy.

Thank you for this forum and a very [size=10pt]LARGE[/size] thank you to those that respond to our questions no matter how simple or difficult it may be, even when we do not know how to ask the question or what is needed to assist the Developers with a ‘undocumented feature’ also known as a BUG. Where else can you find the CEO with a thread, ya!! rite!; an entire FORUM to post to and gives very GREAT replies.

Thank YOU Melih . . . for all of Comodo, that should cover it.

Also thank all that read my Poster Toasty,

Edited by NoneOther, ME > Having Belarc Advisor on my system is an added feature to see to the fact my system is fully up2date with their HOT FIXES as well as any out of cycle PPs (PanicPatches).

OK!! So NoONE has wanted to post anything to this one, guess I am the only DUMMY. Also noticed you give a warning about an old post and do you really want to do this?

“Warning: this topic has not been posted in for at least 120 days.
Unless you’re sure you want to reply, please consider starting a new topic.”

Well I do and did, post that is. Due to some very unusual problems, a ‘flaky power supply’ on the WinXP SP2 that I had been using it finally went ‘belly-up’ and my Wife, thank goodness for her, said go buy one that works. I did.

My sig will give what I did and it was worth it, except for the fact the store where I purchased it did not reformat the 300G H/D and install the latest software including the SP1 for Vista. Use it for about three weeks and finally had so many error messages popping up I decided to take it back and have them take a look. They asked me, “what have you done to your system?” My reply, “nothing except set-it-up to my specs and download updates from Microsoft including SP1.” Well it was not the correct SP1 and they had to re-format my H/D and re-install the factory software, about 45 minutes, then install the Correct SP1, 445MB file to update the O/S at about 2 hours. Now I am working on re-loading Comodo, AntiVir, FireFox, and all the other special operating software for me and my protection. Have done most last night and this morning, just lost many of my passwords because as the DUMMY did not do a back up to my Memory Stick (USB) my list of about 100 passwords, I have some about 65. Oh Well ! ! such is life, gives me something to do.

Thank you for reading my DUMMY confession and roaster poster, my first post here has had 606 viewings, wonder how many this one will get?
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