Sandboxing under limited account


Does the sandbox feature not work under a limited account? (XP Pro SP3). I have only noticed alerts when logged in as administrator but not my default (limited) account.


I was going to say yes :cry:

No it does not, though it only sandbox one of the four :-\ the one it did was sandbox limited no alert.

This is going to be a pain I install all non security programs in limited account Windows 7 and Vista no alerts so will have to disable sandbox :-X


The automatic sandboxing, or rather limiting rights, uses the platforms abilities to do so. So, basically it runs a program as limited user if I understand things correctly.

So, it will do the same thing. May be it gets disabled when running under a LUA…

I use an LUA no matter which O/S I use; I use an Adminstrator account on Vista and Seven, becuase the UAC gives me the protection of an LUA.

… So it looks like I’ll be sticking with CIS 3.14 for now. :frowning: