Sandboxie and Comodo firewall

Is anyone else having trouble running Comodo firewall and sandboxie together? I was using 5.12 firewall without any issues. I updated to version 6.0 and started to have some issues. I’m unable to run comodo firewall with sandboxie. I’m not sure where the conflict is. I don’t get any errors from sandboxie saying that something wants to run but is blocked. I even made a default sandbox to run firefox in. When I run firebox sandboxed using sandboxie, firefox will start but it hangs on the start screen. It continues to attempt to load but never finishes. I have to terminate the sandboxie’s sandbox. The same behavior is found with any other browser that is sandboxed using sandboxie. When browser isn’t sandboxed using sandboxie everything runs well. Anyone else having this issue?

do you have the behavior blocker turned of in cis 6 or are you sandboxing with cis 6 and sandboxie at the same time.?

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